sábado, 8 de mayo de 2010

art as a way of life

Art is a way of seeing things, a way of presenting the world from a more serious nature of self, from instinct fact recorded inside the catacombs of thought insconciente passing a current of air in the concavity of deep spirit of the seed is collected in the room most enigmatic of the castle. Hence the peculiar way of interpreting the full aura from their current levels, any factor beyond tragic, cowardly or charge resulting splendor.

The duality is usually a critical factor, not added in the evolution of the artist and the geometric shape or plastic that gives the reality, as is inherent in the success of the aesthetic and ecstatic form of the physical world, the light that surrounds him and the internal depth that prevails in the sequence that recreates in his eyes, his spirit, his instinct. Hence sometimes its entropic nature wild and unkempt, and even as a kite in the wind put on top of a mountain, hence the fascination that sometimes occur, and gives others the rejection in its path.

To mold a personality of this scale to rigid precepts is physically impossible unless the individual chooses to do so by free will or a really important factor to consider, since it would fail to reflect as flashing light desteillos life and take a more linear and pressed on the path to choose. From there is when we will see if the change is effective, productive and pragmatic or a total irresponsibility on their part to its vital essence and the rest of its magic circle, for instance, their environment, among others.

It would seem that the basic personality of each is irreplaceable and therefore indissoluble serious attempt to change such as depersonalized and eliminate the burden of latent humanity, which would conclude with the movement of being, and the illusion would be imposed on reality

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